Hi there, I'm Sam Xia

I am passionate about Design and Technology

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Senior designer2015-2017

Joined the new retail e-commerce project—Hema and participated in the exploration of Hema project from 0 to 1. Responsible for the mobile APP interface design, operation visual design as well as recruitment and instruction of junior designers. Completed the overall interface design and related visual framework design of Hema APP from version 1.0 to 2.3; responsible for managing and coordinating the outsourcing design team and coordinating and allocating design resources for each department.

Defy Media

Senior designer2013-2015

As a member of the product design team, carried out remote collaboration with colleagues in Los Angeles and New York to complete the design project. Mainly responsible for the visual interface design of Defy Media's website and related terminal products as well as the visual design related to operating activities. During this period, completed the interface design of multiple versions of Break.com, and the interface modification of Break.com iOS APP and Android APP.


Senior Designer & Visual Design Engineer2011-2013

Responsible for the online and offline visual design of Altium. Provided visual design scheme for the product page on the official website and marketing activities. Provided visual design for EDM products of the marketing department and completed front-end coding and compatibility testing.

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Hema App

Responsible for the overall UI visual framework design of Hema APP from the early product form exploration to continuous product iteration. Completed dozens of iterative designs in more than two years, responsible for homepage revisions and channel module design for many times.

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Led the overall product design of Marginnote 3. The new version established clear product logic, introduces documentation, learning, and reviewing scenario, and optimizes some user experience details as well.

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Hema Flavor

Participated in the channel construction of Hema Flavor and completed the online page design of the channel. Responsible for communicating with external design suppliers and led the packaging design of offline brands.

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Break App

Participated in the UI design of Break iOS & Android products, responsible for UI design iteration of the player module, social sharing module and playlist module.

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Worked at the product design team and cooperated with product managers to complete the daily product iteration design and visual design of Break.com.

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iDo App

Participated in iDo startup project, responsible for iDo app, iOS APP interaction and visual design. Completed front-end development of the app.

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Sam is one of the early designers of Hema, who independently completed the original UI design of Hema App. He works hard, and sometimes I even feel that he is a bit of hair-splitting, but this is also the pursuit and persistence of outstanding designers. He is an all-round talent. In addition to vision, he also has unique insights into product design and interaction design. He is definitely the one you want.


Senior Designer of NIO Automobile

I knew Sam in Hema Project. At work, Sam is a logical and serious-minded colleague, and he can always achieve reliable results when entrusted with anything. In life, Sam is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic partner, who always lives with a passion for design.


Design manager of TapTap

Sam is very professional and talented. We worked together to complete the design of MarginNote 3, which was finally recommended repeatedly by Apple. Sam not only redesigned the key information structure and interaction but also participated in the design of functions, vision, logo and other elements, raising the overall design level of MarginNote. Sam is very smart and flexible. He does not complete a task at a single level but constantly explores the essence of problems and proposes solutions on the basis of understanding the deep problems of the product. In this process, Sam's experience and cooperative spirit play an important role in achieving the goal. If your project is a new venture or a brand new product, I believe that Sam will be a suitable design partner for you. You need more than just a designer, but someone possesses a passion for products and is also willing to put it into practice, and Sam is such a person.

Sun Qingwen

Founder of MarginNote

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